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Heya:P I have no idea how to find my screen shots. anyone who can help?:) that you be greatful! Like where I have to go, witch maps I must open and stuff to fine the screenshots map or whatsoever:)



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Theres supposed to be a screenshot folder, but i dont even have a screenshot folder. But apparently i am reading that your supposed to bind a key with console developer and when you press that key, it takes the screen shot. For some reason F5 doesnt work or w/e you have it bind to in Options. So what you do is you go to console, and type bind (w/e you want for the key) "Jpeg" or whatever your images need to come up as like bmp and stuff.


Unfortunately any screenshots you've been making will not show up anywhere, since the Options screenshot key doesnt work, technically you never made the screenshot. So try this, i dont know if that works, but its just trial and error.

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This is how i take screenshots.

I press PRT SCR (Print SCreen) Top of keyobard next to F12.

I then Open Paint , and click Paste .

I then Save it .


same,untill u forget and loss it :doh:

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