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  1. He did it. The mad lad did it. This dude is beyond Ash Ketchum. He has collected more ranks than anyone in this community, afaik. Now, he walks away with a purple nurple gym badge. We've already talked, but again - thank you, Erik. Keep being the Extreme Potatoes we know and love.
  2. I just want to point out that is just no longer applicable in our community, nor was it ever the intention. Who's to say one side of the story is better than the other? If Player-1 says "I was clearly RDM'd by Player-2" and Player-2 says "idk what he's talking about" - what do we do? Do we spend the next 5-10 minutes probing these players for the facts on something that happened probably 3-4 rounds ago by that time, hindering the gameplay of the accused, the accuser(s), and the admin(s)? If 5 players agree that Player-2 is RDM'ing, and I just came online - what do I do? Do I just take their word? What if they just don't like the player? You keep pointing out that it's basically only admins that agree on this, but isn't that proof that it's a justified rule? Do you really think we are all so corrupted, and we just want to make non-admins suffer? That there's some sort of conspiracy and that we like seeing people get away with breaking our rules?
  3. Your frustration is understood by all of us, trust us on that. We've ALL been regular powerless players, so please do not claim that we don't understand. The protocol we follow is justifiable and pretty much set-in-stone. As said before, it is an "innocent until proven guilty" stance. Allow me to expand on this: Someone is accused of hacking. Do we ban them outright, or do we take note and spectate them when available? Someone is accused of freekilling on Jailbreak. Do we slay/kick/ban them outright, or do we take note and spectate them when available? Someone is accused of RDM on TTT. Do we slay/kick/ban them outright, or do we take note and spectate them when available? You are accused of hacking. Do you deserve to be banned outright, or should evidence be brought forward on that claim? You are accused of freekilling. Do you deserve to be banned outright, or should evidence be brought forward on that claim? You are accused of RDM. Do you deserve to be banned outright, or should evidence be brought forward on that claim? The logs we have provide no context. Each admin only has 2 eyes (typically), and can only spectate one person at a time, per admin. As said before, we are not investigators. There are no crimes to forensically tear apart. We are basically cops on the beat, waiting for shots to be fired - and if the perpetrator gets away, we don't establish a crime scene with yellow tape and white chalk. That's not our job. If you have some form of evidence via a player complaint, our CA+ staff can investigate after the smoke clears - and deal justice when necessary.
  4. IntenseFajita

    New Name

    About 15 years ago, I found my name through a band-name generator. Good luck
  5. Thought I fixed it, but nvm. This is really weird to track down. I can't tell why it's happening, but I might have an idea. It's just not happening when I test by myself.
  6. Your clantag can no longer be changed mid-round as a CT.
  7. @Nano Couple questions: 1. Does the Windows partition start up properly? (asking this in case you're posting from your phone or something, idk your exact situation. It would also tell us that it's 99% something wrong with your Linux partition.) 2. Has the Ubuntu partition ever started up properly? 3. If it has started up before, have you (or someone else) physically assaulted your computer recently? 4. What version of Ubuntu? 18.04 LTS I assume? 5. Do you at least see your motherboard splashscreen before the Ubuntu OS starts to initialize? 6. With the image provided, is that the first thing you see when Ubuntu initializes, or do you get to see the full default Ubuntu theme followed by this weird screencap (which is up-side-down btw)? That color looks like the default Ubuntu colors, but I'd like to know at what point do you see this issue in the start-up process. 7. Are you opposed to clearing your CMOS and BIOS settings? Try some basics: 1. Make sure your monitor has a good connection. Unplug power and source connection for 10 seconds or so, or until the monitor power button is unlit, then plug it back in. 2. Try a different source input (HDMI, DVI, VGA, DP) Advanced option: 1. Try accessing the TTY via Ctrl+Alt+F1 from that screen, then try some things from this post (commands are nvidia graphics specific; if you don't have an nvidia card, you'll need to look up commands based on your graphics card brand):
  8. IntenseFajita

    Ct ranks

    I believe there was an initial bug that caused weird significant jumps in CT time played. We didn't reset the playtime after it seemed to be fixed. Tim just grand-fathered the bug, and I don't have permission to change his database value. Can you try to compare somebody else's playtime that is new?
  9. You definitely look like you want to help keep the servers clean, but you must also learn to take negative banter/insults with a grain of salt. Remember how people were targeting me just because I was an admin and tried to enforce TTT rules late at night? Well, that'll happen very often, and you should be prepared to laugh it off when it's not really that serious, but also identify when it's legitimate harassment. If someone calls you a name that you don't like, just be like, "Hey man, could you not call me that? Thanks." If they continue, start recording (or screenshot if it was in chat) and report them - or call an admin so they can prevent any further harassment. Don't just seek punishment immediately. Defuse the situation before it gets serious. You make more friends than enemies that way. It's all about reading the room. Those guys that night on TTT may have seemed malicious towards me, but it was late at night, the server was pretty empty, and they were just poking fun - no harm no foul. There was no need to punish them just because they were saying stupid things like "Kill the admin!" without acting on it. Sometimes fun is more important than punishment, even if it's at your own displeasure (it is just a video game, after-all). If the displeasure is overwhelming, then a simple warning will usually suffice. If that doesn't work, then punishment (slay/kick/ban protocol) will solve the problem. Conversely, fun can be less important when any player feels negatively affected by the perceived "fun," and then order must be restored. Every admin is different, and every infraction is at the discretion of the admin. We cannot compel admins to punish players, they must do it on their own will. By all means, you can be someone who puts up with nothing, or you can be laid-back and provide ample warnings before pulling the ban trigger on someone. This is within reason, of course; some infractions do require immediate attention, and are not something to be laid-back about (i.e. hacking, repeated harassment, etc). These are just some things to consider before someone becomes an admin. It's not always peaches and cream, but if you're up to the task, show the community that you are a good candidate within the next few weeks. Other than those few tips and observations - you're a cool dude with glowing passion for SG, and I look forward to seeing you around. Good luck, buddy. P.S. There's a little "Thanks" button in the bottom-right corner of every person's post. Instead of replying with a post to say "Thank you," you can just hit that button.
  10. Pat, you've got the heart, just stick around until you meet the requirements. While you wait, observe other admins and learn from them. Take some time to establish a name in the community. Let people figure out who patriddlerr is. Don't rush the process, let the process flow naturally. Once you've established a good name, people will flock to support you.
  11. This is a must-have game if you're going to play VR.
  12. Let me clarify: what I'm saying is that anybody can claim to just be missing their shots - a lot. How do we punish such a player? Is the player T baiting, or just bad at the game? We don't know. Do we really want admins to watch over this player just because they miss their target more often than not? Their infraction is that they briefly scare other players, meanwhile we have people RDMing, hacking, spamming, etc.
  13. I'm still not sure how we would go about enforcing this. Anybody can shoot at anybody and claim that they thought the target was a traitor. We can't read people's minds; what if they saw something we didn't see? How do we warn a player to stop missing their target? Are bullet decals going to be proof of T baiting?
  14. I have proof that @John T baited me But on the real, this would add a hard to enforce responsibility for admins in an already chaotic server, no?