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Plug in hardrive.

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Hey do you think a Plug in hardrive is a good idea.I mean for the space i can see it being good,but if it gets stolen don't they have your info and stuff?(no one steals my Gmod):brick:

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if you're gonna use it for games, you better get one that uses firewire, otherwise itll lag.


and they won't "have your info", just the files on it.


But if you protect your investments like a regular person, this shouldnt be an issue.

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Does he mean just for more space or to game off of? Invest in a SATA cable (if your case/MOBO has one for external use).


Also, I was just wondering, could you technically boot from an external disc drive if you formatted it to NTFS instead of FAT32? It would still have to be connected to one of the SATA ports on the mobo though right?

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