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Color Preference Test

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My digital design teacher had my class take this my results are....


PROBLEM UNDERLYING THE PRESENT STRESS -- At present you are strongly resisting any outside influences that could restrict your free-will and decision making. You are willing to work hard to strengthen your own position in life.


DESIRED OBJECTIVE -- You are seeking a peaceful environment so that you can reduce stress and be free of some conflicts you now are experiencing. You attempt to control your situation cautiously with heightened sensitivity and feelings and an eye for detail.


CURRENT INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR -- You are egocentric and therefore quick to take offense. You are able to obtain physical satisfaction from sexual activity but you tend to hold aloof emotionally.

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Pretty cool, this is what i got


PROBLEM UNDERLYING THE PRESENT STRESS -- You live your life with frenetic intensity and urgency because of your fear that you may be prevented, somehow, from achieving the things that you want.


CURRENT INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR -- You are egocentric and therefore quick to take offense, leaving you rather isolated in your attachments.


DESIRED OBJECTIVE -- You want to make up for what you feels you have missed by living with exaggerated intensity -- in this way you feel you can break free from all things that oppress yourself.


I only think the first one was right for me really lol

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