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  1. Frank the bunny?

  2. Tyler

    Admin Skin

    I remember when someone had that, I thought it was a map secret at first.
  3. I would love an old escape event, the bwgt we had awhile back with old maps was fun as hell
  4. aw yeah interested in new admin system and the sup thing sounds interesting
  5. I would love some nice simple skins, just re skins of the original characters. I personally hate seeing all the huge bulky characters, but I know skins draw some people to the server so anything thats not bulky is fine with me.
  6. :d, same, happys its up
  7. Maybe, but since DR is back, Ill probebly go on. I missed that DR server.

  8. Ah that sucks, maybe people would have forgotten about it with all the stuff going on recently

  9. I graduate in about 8 weeks too! I may, possibly come back to SG when summer comes along. But I'm not sure if i'm welcome here anymore. I left on a bad note.

  10. Thanks Amit, you really should try to find some time to get in game with us sometime though, its fun and I can almost guarantee you would like it.
  11. Yea its still changing to, and same with school got 8 weeks till I graduate

  12. Ah, pretty good man. Trying to keep up in school and jumping all over the place. SG has changed a lot since I left.