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**Read Before Posting Problems With Steam**

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When experiencing any kind of problem with steam, there is a simple and easy fix that will solve 98% of all steam problems. This will fix such problems as games not launching, the shift+tab not working in game, or random other little glitches that steam has.

After restarting steam and confirming the problem go and delete the "ClientRegistry.blob" file in your steam directory.


This file can be found here:

C:\Program Files\Steam\ClientRegistry.blob

or for vista 64 users:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\ClientRegistry.blob


When you restart steam, the file will automatically redownload from steam.


This file gets easily corrupted and causes steam to become messed up in a variety of ways. So if experiencing problems, please try this solution.

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i guess this helps.. i meen i fucking hate when i want the shift+tab up and it dont pop up then like 5 mins later it comes up outa nowhere like while im in the middle of surfing.. FTW lol

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That never happens to me. Mine pops up immediately. The only thing I can think of is either what OP posted, or your computer just blows.


Its this, very, very, very much this.

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