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Sold my ps3 for $500

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Are these good parts for the budget of 500?


EVGA Geforce 9600 graphics card - 89.99 - running 6100 Nvidia Geforce


Corsair 650W powersupply- 99.99 - running 300w


AMD Phenom 3.0 GHz Dual core processor - 89.99 - AMD Sempron single core 2.3GHZ


320GB hardrive - 49.99 - 140GB


Samsung High glossy 18.5" widescreen - 139.99 - 17" widescreen


all for $476.93



* Dont know how to install processor and power supply im fked

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well i think selling the ps3 for 500 and having the rite money for the stuff u want worked out amazinglyy.. And was the ps3 used .. cuz i meen 500 dollars.... FUCK

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