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Best Songs of 2007 and of 2008?

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I definetely liked Feist this year with 1234 , My moon my man, theres a limit to your love.


She just has such a nice voice.


Radiohead's album , "In Rainbows" is pretty good it just seems to go on and on sometimes and if theres 2 radiohead songs in a row on my ipod , i just go to the next song because you really can only listen to one at a time.


Pagan Angel and a borrowed car is a great song.

Rehab by Amy Winehouse sounded pretty good until i found out what amy winehouse looks like but it didn't take away from the song.


Of course the song Still Alive is great .


Oh and if you guys buy music like me , Don't buy from iTUNES please.


Amazon MP3 has the highest quality songs , no drm and they are cheaper in some cases. They don't have every song but a huge collection.


Sure that's a plug for Amazon but it's not like they needed one. Just telling you guys to use them instead of having protected music which I regret having. Thankfully I didn't buy so many songs on there.

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Why do all americans listen to nothing but rock? I'm not saying anything bad about rock (I quite like it myself), but that's all you guys listen to... broaden your interests people.


I personally can't stick to one genre of music my whole life... I sway towards one for a week or so, then get bored and move onto the next and so on until I come back to what I started with.




Just a thought.




































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Josh Ritter: my cousin gave me an album of him, not very well known over here in the Uk, but he's american so maybe better known over in the US, he's kinda folk/acoustic stuff, but uses a lot of different instruments, i highly recommend him

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I have a song by John Ritter called To The Dogs or whoever.


And Omega, I don't stick to rock , first of all I am Russian not American and I listen across all genres except rap and electronic.


I like 80's rap because it was more about the lyrics and not about YO YO HO IN THE SHO I GOT MONEYS IN MY BUTT CAUSE I IS THE FLO.


Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne also got really boring quickly. That's what happens with pop songs.

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