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hey guys forgive me if this is not in the right place:unsure: but i am having some problems with my speed on the game and woner if it is my software/video card ect. heres an example of why i am so bad at the game/ surviving:


lets say im in front of a group of players (spawned in front of everybody) and i just have my knife out and run ahead. i think "oh i guess im the farthest of everybody" and all of the sudden guys like 50 feet away catch up and are suddenly in front of me with heavy machine guns (which i was told you run slower with) and then all of the others catch up and they to are carrying heavy weapons like shotguns/machine guns and all of the sudden im the last person to be running like hell to escape! which is why i always get nuked/zombified so please can you help me out! im tired of always getting like -14 points because of this! and that's why i never do the rank cause im embarrsed that I will be called a n00b


thanks for listning and helping me out guys!:cool:

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Ok we may be able to help you out with this.


Listen your system specifications. Ex. List your video card, ram , operation system, processor speed, etc.


Then list your internet connection.


Perhaps you set the speed on Steam too high and Steam assumes it can allocate more connection speed than you actually have.

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my internet connection is comcast cable


my video card is: NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400 (microsoft corparation)



oh and system is Windows 98 second edition


MX400 and Win 98??? OUCH. I already feel bad.


What CPU, and how much RAM you got?


Also do you know if you video card has AGP or PCI interface?? If AGP, then i can send you my old FX5200, it's old, but way better then MX400. You just pay the shipping

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