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i have a question, i was playing ZM on the level which there is that like white lined helicoptor and you have to shoot through the glass and bars ( sorry idk the name of the server:arghh:)


and all i recall is doing is trying to jump on the railing and all of the sudden microshock starts a voteban on me i did not know if this was a mistake or something but please tell me what i did wrong:swoon: if i did anything wrong i want to aplogize my sincerist aplogizes:notworthy::unsure:

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I usually do this to one person to see if an admin is on and I even typed it out to you. I wrote Taylor , i was doing it to see if an admin was on.


But to start a thread over this? If you didn't see what I wrote , you could've added me ( I accept all friend requests) and I would've told you why I did it.


Sorry if you feel offended i did it but you were first on the list and I only do it if I think an admin is on and need to check.

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