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Destroy the ghetto!

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Is this for homework or something?



Anyways, since the title is "Destroy the Ghetto!", I assume you want them all gone, and to commemorate ZM, we would have to nuke all the ghettos in the world whilst also helping the select few escape by helicopter and boat, but not before their team screws them over again and again.

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I would have to say end food stamps .....begin the starvation.....lmao


I fail to see the humor in starving people to death.. but that's just me.. If you're going to kill them.. do the humane thing... Nuke, rinse, repeat!

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umm, how about raise taxes on the rich to fund programs to get the poor decent jobs. Change the tax system so those who are under the poverty line do not have to pay taxes. Legalize all drugs and have them under government regulations.


my policies are not liked by most

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Well actually, and by "ghetto" i mean the gangster communities. The way i think about it is to build factories, raise taxes and stop all the charity programs, this way people would have to get a job at the factorize in order to get money for food and bills, this way making then "non-ghetto"

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the way to end ghettos is to stop having the government build projects and such and concentrate poor people INTO ghettos in the first place. Get poor people into rent programs at real apartments, get them jobs, and cut them off the dole after that. If they don't want to work, leave them, they don't deserve the help.

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