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Death of the HGs?

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What with the new system and all, I'm guessing that there is going to be a drastic drop in the amount of HGs we have. Since former admins can now return, a bunch of HG applications flooding the CA section, and donating $20 guarantees you supporter status for life (albeit a cheapskate method :wink:), I'm assuming there aren't going to be many left within a couple of months.


Perhaps this is time we change the requirements for an 'Honourable Gamer'? I'm going to post a proposal in the CA section for this but as it is quite a switch in titles I'd like to see if the majority of players are cool with it too.


Now that SG is purely a donation-funded community, we can use what little meaning the HG tag had to somewhat of an effect. If an individual manages to donate a certain amount (regardless of time-span), should they be eligible for the HG tag? For example, if someone paid their $20 but then continued to donate out of generosity until eventually they had racked up $100 in donations, they would aquire the HG tag.


The description could be something as follows:


"[sG.Hon] Honourable Gamer


A member of the community who has earned recognition through their continuous donations. These individuals will have the option to wear the «SG.Hon» tag in-game rather than the standard «SG.Sup»"


Ideas? Improvements? Criticisms?

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I think they could take HG away and instead bring in some kind of award system which would work on top of the admin system.....(as in admins could get awards too it wouldn't just be a user bar)

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Thing is, there are HGs that should never ever get admin.


Agreed. However I think the HG title should be re-worked. Make is something obtained by merit rather than time/number of posts etc.

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yeah but thing is...


if you were an admin you can either give up 20 bucks to get it back, or be a SG-A for a few weeks


otherwise, the not so ex-admin HG's still have to go through all the supporter crap

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Sorry. Being a freeloader is fine and we don't need to change anything. Most of the applications will be rejected anyways.



Award HG for actual outstanding activity in the community ( helping organize events, catching rule breakers, helping out new members ) not for paying or posting 400 one or two word comments.

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