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Canada - Grey cup

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Welp. The grey cup was today (Grey cup is the Canadian super bowl) and my provences team was against Montreal.


We were winning throughout the entire game... Until the last two minutes. What the fuck you ask? Welp. Montreal gets a TD and the conversion making the score 25 - 27 for Saskatchewan.


Saskatchewan is in possession with 1:05 left on the clock in the fourth quarter. They decide to quick it downfield. Not my personal choice, but i am not the coach.


Within those seconds, Montreal makes it about three quarters of the field up, and with zero seconds on the clock the last play is made.


Montreal goes for a field goal. The kicker misses


Saskatchewan wins!


everyone is celebrating!!


But nope, Flag on the play.


Too many men on the field. (What the hell?!)




Field goal... It's good!




Montreal wins.



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