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  1. Reminder that the event starts in less than 4 hours!
  2. Too busy with school atm Maybe I can go harass @thuxys for a fresh banner...
  3. Maniac

    Favorite SM

    Ah shit, here we go again. That being said thank you to all the SM's who put in all the voluntary work to make the servers as great as they are. Lot of work behind the scenes that people don't normally see.
  4. Awesome turn out tonight from everyone! We beat Mako with Paralyzed getting an epic solo win on Extreme 2 and we managed to make it to the last stage on Wanderers V4. Thank you all for attending the event and we hope to see you next sunday! Next event should be getting posted in the next few days
  5. Zombie Escape Final Fantasy Event Hey there Steam-Gamers! Believe it or not we run Zombie Escape events every Sunday!!! This time we're gonna be going back to some old school maps and trying to make [SG] Paul proud by beating mako and wanderers, hope to see you all there! When? Sunday, November 15th @ 6PM EST Where? Zombie Escape IP: Map List ze_ffxiv_wanderers_palace_v4_10 ze_ffvii_mako_reactor_v5_3_v5
  6. If you have an extra 2TB use it for extras such as movies or music.
  7. I love it man! We've done these events before and I'd love to have a harry potter event possibly after the next one this coming sunday! Glad to see you're enjoying the server bud
  8. Gonna discuss this with the other SM's, would love to see how the rest of the community feels on the subject however. @Takuto@Paralyzed
  9. This was actually an oversight of ours when we took over the server from Wesker. If I remember correctly he used to punish for intentional point farming and the rule was also added with the updated Ban Policy that got posted in announcements back in September. That being said it never officially got added onto the server rules or updated on our forum rules page which is our mistake. All admins and most regular players on the server know we actively try to stop intentional point farming and while not officially stated we've still been enforcing it under griefing/throwing. Expect a changelog and update in the near future to include an official rule against it.
  10. All good homie! Was fun playing ze with you and hope to see you on in the future bud!
  11. Finally! Welcome to all the new and returning CA's! Big SM promo for Dom, well deserved bud