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  1. You move up quick

    1. Maniac


      This is the way bud! Miss ya tons homie, hope all is well with ya during these crazy times!

    2. matt


      Thanks dude! thing arnt too bad at the moment.  Its crazy that ive almost been a here for 10 years even though im inactive.  Sad to see the server population is doing so poorly these days.  So many new faces is pretty crazy lol. 

  2. the awakening begins NOW

  3. CONGRATS BUDDDy!!!!!!!

  4. grats on red :classic_biggrin:

  5. This dude really thinks he can have the same amount of ranks as me... You earned this one bud, thank you for all the hard work you've put in for this community and congratulations on SOTM @Nate.
  6. Such a shame to hear of this dudes passing, he was an absolute gem of a person. Rest in peace bud.
  7. Ya I've seen a few iterations of crackhouse on CS:S where they've incorporated a wall to protect CT spawn, gonna look at a few different versions to see what we could try out.
  8. Your work ethic is out of this world @TheZZL Thank you everyone who helped on this project and especially a big thank you to @3nifor getting the entire idea rolling with his map port and event suggestion.
  9. You guys are in for a treat, @3nihas been busting his ass the last few days getting the map perfect for the event. YOU BETTER ALL SHOW UP!!!
  10. @20 scrolls They all freaked out when we got ya promoted, but deep down we all know you work your ass off for this community. Well done @Damon Thank you for making sure this guy never gets SM.
  11. I'm trash at CSGO now but I'm always down to clown some regs with the admin buds
  12. School is busy as fuck but I'm gonna try to make it, thanks for planning this Paralyzed!
  13. Still can't believe we promoted @20 scrolls All jokes aside, both you guys 100% earned this. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. @TheZZLfor president when?