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Bridge Internet From PS3 to PC?

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Hey guys, recently my Wireless Internet Card that connects to a USB has malfunctioned. I won't be able to play CS:S for about two weeks until I can get a new one.


Since there is a way to bridge the internet from my sisters Laptop to my PC, would there be a way to bridge the internet that my PS3 is recieving and use an Ethernet Cable to connect the PS3 to my PC and give my PC internet?


Basically a PS3 to PC bridge.


I tried it earlier, but I didn't really mess around with it too much.


What do you guys think about it? Is it possible? Or do I have to wait two weeks for a new Internet Card thing.



EDIT: My sister will be leaving back to college, so I can't play using her laptop.

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1) On the PC go to "Network Connections" right click on the LAN Ethernet that the PS3 is plugged into on your PC.

2) Click on Internet Protocol(TCP/IP) and manually select an IP for the PC, eg. 192.168.0.XXX then have a subnet of

These steps usually work if you only want to connect to your PC not the internet, However its far more simpler than you think.


If your PC is connected to a internet whether its through USB or Ethernet (which then goes on to a router or modem) then you have no problem connecting your PS3 to your PC then to the internet.

*Note if your connected to the internet through a Ethernet cable make sure your PC has a free Ethernet port for your PS3.*


Ignoring the first to steps above follow these if you wish to connect to the internet through your PC to the PS3.


1) Go to the Network connections and hold down ctrl, select your Internet and then the PS3 connection. Right Click on one of them and select "Bridge Networks".


I have only tried this on my PC which is connected wirelessly to a router then to the internet.

My PC has a dynamic ip so everytime i connect to the network it changes so i dont know the affect it will have on ppl with static network IP's.

Make sure the PS3 is set to automatically detect a connection!

Accentually whats happening is your PC is acting like a Hub for the PS3, the PS3 sends the data to your PC in which your PC relays it to the router. *The PS3 is given an IP from the router not the PC so make sure your router or modem has DHCP enabled.*


Last note it is wise to set a restore point before creating a bridge as creating a bridge network makes a lot of network changes to your PC which may make it not connect to the internet.

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The only way it would be possible is if you had an old style PS3 with Linux installed on it. The stock PS3 OS doesn't come with Internet Sharing functionality built in, and there would be no way of adding it unless you were a developer at Sony. Having said that, if you can download a CD image from another computer and burn it, check out the guide below. Otherwise, we'll see you in two weeks.


P.S. I don't know where you live, but here in San Francisco, I can get a USB WiFi adapter for $20.




EDIT: I thought I should warn you that installing Linux on your PS3 takes a lot of technical knowledge, not to mention configuring it to share the Internet once Linux is installed, so don't try this unless you're comfortable with your abilities.

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you can not bridge a connection without a set of 2 wired Ethernet cards, one to take the data in, the other to act as the "bridge" and send data out. unless the ps3 has 2 Ethernet ports, its not going to be possible to do so easily. you can try to do a wireless to wired bridge but if the ps3 functionality isnt there, there isnt a way to add it. its easier to a buy the wireless pci card or usb adapter. or if the cable run is shorter, buy cat 5 Ethernet cable and simple hard wire your pc to the router. your network throughput will go up. (54megs-100megs a sec is fastest wireless gets wired is well over 100 megs theoretical on old old tech. gigabit ethernet is closer to 1 gig or more network bandwidth)


if you can hard wire your pc you will have the most stability and fastest speeds possible, but grabbing an Ethernet usb or pci adapter from fry's/bestbuy/walmart isn't that expensive most are 20 bucks to 30. if you must work with wireless, get 802.11 G or N compatible (n is better then g) you will be safe from needing to upgrade, and both are backwards compatible if your router cannot use G or N (would be wireless B if it cant do G) G is ubiquitous these days.

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