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getting over an ex

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Lately I've been feeling really down. Issues with my ex girlfriend keep coming up and all it does is make me depressed and stressed out. I sit around all day and feel bad for myself. I dont have the energy I once had. I wouldnt say i'm depressed by any medical definition but it has been a constant burden on my mind. I'm at my wits end here guys.

I play a lot of zombiemod to help get my mind off of her but that only helps for a little bit.

What do you guys do to help get over an ex?

please help...

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1. Get a dog

2. Hang out with friends (especially the female variety)

3. Do stuff you weren't able to do when you were with said person

4. Travel

5. Enjoy all the extra money your saving from not spending it on said person

6. Even though you still care about said person, they're still a loser in your mind

7. ...

8. Profit!

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This is the advice I have to offer / things you need to know.

I hope you get over your past lover.


1. She will not come back. The time you shared with her are now memories, treasure them, but don't dwell on them. Love that has been experienced and is gone is better than love that hasn't existed at all.


2. What's done is done, and you need to look into the future. Look at it as a window of opportunity for new beginnings.


3. Hang with friends, have a good time, keep it off your mind, and find a new hobby to take place in the time you usually spent on her.


4. And for future advise; you need to be more picky when choosing girls, do not date one just because she looks hot or is an easy pick up.

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