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They Hacked Me :[

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what did you do exactly? Go to a link that asked for your username and password?


for your email do password recovery where it asks you your security question.


for steam call up steam support and give them as much info about your account as you can (helps if you have any product keys for any games.)

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If you bought your games from the Steam website.


Go to the E-mail on which you used when you bought the game/s, and search for "Steam"


It should come up. Worked for me on G-mail.

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When my account was hacked, I logged a ticket. About 6 hours later, I had recieved an email asking for me to take a pictar of any steam games that I bought fomr a store. They do not always do this, because osme people buy all their games online. But what I did was, I took the Orange Box case, took out every CD, the receipt, game manual, etc, and placed it all on a table. Took a pictar of everything I had bought. Give as much proof as you can. About 2 hours after I emailed them back with the pictar, they replied with new account info.

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