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NFL Week 14

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Well so much for the steelers unleashing hell, haha the browns!!! C'mon man


They unleashed hell, but had the Doom outcome where they managed to screw over themselves.


It is becoming plainly obvious that Polamalu really is the pillar of that defensive unit. They can win games when their defense steps up, but when it can't, their offense can't be trusted to carry the day.

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Carolina lol.


Yep, not looking forward to Sunday. My panthers are having rough times and what worse is their games get rougher. Just another reason for me to hate the chea...I mean Patriots :p

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Considering who the 5 loses were to, like I said. Not impressing.


All except the Dolphins were against undefeated times at the time. One of which was an early loss to the Jets where when we faced them again, destroyed them. 3 of them were against Colts, Saints, and Bengals so I have no clue how a QB off of surgery losing to undefeated teams is bad. Also, each lose (besides the Saints) were within a TD so, again... no clue how that's bad.

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