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This has to do with my computer.... and maybe my mic. Problem is I can not talk on my mic but I can hear just perfectly, I have tried all of my USB plugins on my computer, I was only able to use that for a little bit then my mic died again and no one could hear me. So all of my USB plugins don't work I'm guessing. Does the same thing with my Ipod, never syncs my songs.


Is this just a sign to get a better computer? Or is it something really simple?


Thank you,

- The Jesus

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Don't get a crappy USB mic, get a wired microphone. It's probably broken It has happened to me before.


It doesn't matter if it's wired or not. If he has problems with other USB cords, the problem obviously lies within his USB ports.


As for your issue, it could be one of several things. How do you plug in your keyboard / mouse?

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