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FareWell fellow friends.

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Well its my time now, im leaving for the army in a couple days for a 9 month tour in iraq. I just want you guys to know that, its been a great experience with you all and i enjoyed every minute of it, i met a lot of great people here, and i tend to come back and have some fun, the reason i havn't been on is because i have been training a lot and well its time for me to go, it sucks because christmas is near, and my family is really sad that im leaving a couple days before christmas, im leaving on Monday. Once im not on patrol they do have internet and computers there, so i will be able to communicate some times, but not all the time and probably not for long, thats all i wanted to say, so Farewell.


ill miss you all..


- Mark.


P.S if u wanna talk shit go ahead i really don't care. i'd rather not read your stupid negative comments.

I'm happy im gonna be away from some negative idiots here.

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I love the heart felt farewell followed up with a STFU you trolling bitches!

Good luck in Iraq! Support our troops! Without you guys America would be in shambles. We will all miss you.

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Tours are usually less than 6 months for us. Basic training is +10 weeks (and a couple more weeks if you make it into officers training) depending on what branch you're in. We don't even have a full regiment in Iraq. Last time I checked you aren't near any of our military bases, closest is Kingston which is technically a military college. And I'm sure none of the RCR Battalions are stationed in Iraq.



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