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I need Anti Viruses...

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Basically, I just secured my PC from a big ass Trojan and I need some anti viruses.

It said that some of my information was being stolen and shit, infecting all my useful tools (except my shit anti viruses) Which I used to clean system restore, then restoring my PC.


I'm not sure if my PC is still infected, I haven't downloaded anything for a few weeks (I restored to 4 days ago...) And I need to make this shit gtfo.


I just deleted my MSN contact shit because it was disallowing me to connect, in which some random Trojan went apeshit allover my system after I signed in.


I currently have 2 antiviruses running, I'm trying to get my firewall and shit back as we speak.


Move to tech if possible, wasn't really thinking.

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AVG free is pretty decent.


Having more than 1 antivirus actually makes it worst. The antiviruses conflict with each other. It's best to have 1 antivirus and make it the best you can get.

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I wouldn't use AVG since the newest version seemed to enjoy minimizing my games every 10 minutes whenever I'm playing. I got rid of AVG and the random minimizing stopped.


If you don't mind paying, NOD32 or Kaspersky are both really sexy. For the free stuff I suppose Avast, Avira (if you can disable the ads), and I hear Microsoft Security Essentials is pretty good as well.

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