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  1. H3H3 is justified in outing keemstar; I'm surprised operation false hope wasn't included in his video. Keemstar would raid channels/streams of young/unknowing people with a lot of positive stuff to get their hopes up, before telling them to start trolling/harassing them. He also was associated with a gaming gambling website that was rigged, so there's a lot of really shitty things he's done. If someones manic episodes revolve around god complexes and inability to discern reality, it's a wild leap to take Keemstars word on "lol he was just acting" after it all went to hell and he made his money. H3H3, idubbbz, and others have shown Keemstar sliding into their DMs acting like their friend solely to dig up dirt. The whole "but we were friends" thing sounds insincere, with evidence pointing to him being manipulative. The day before he dox'd Etikas mental hospital he slid into his DMs acting like his friend, and thus you see another pattern in line with what I've stated earlier. You can say that about literally anything; your friends, celebrities, politicians. The people involved are extremely influential and powerful, if they're doing shitty things they should be outed to stop their abuse. Many extremely rich and powerful YouTubers were undone and grew into obscurity because they were outed as shitty people.
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  3. The driver issues are because of new cards/architecture. The 5700XT had issues on launch, but since it's been out for 10 months the driver issues are pretty much nonexistent now. I wouldn't worry about driver problems unless you're buying a brand new series of card. You also need to consider survivor bias, where the vast majority of people never experienced problems and a subset of people flooded reddit and other places blowing it up; and then content creators jumped on a new bandwagon for content and clicks.
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    Biden vs Trump

    While very good arguments and I can empathize with these from a liberal standpoint, these are subjective and conservatives will view these as positives. The Obama/Biden foreign policies were horrendous and universalized drone strikes; it's hard to say whether or not Trump has decreased these as they stopped reporting deaths in 2017 and the only stats published are citing articles made by accountants allegedly getting statistics from the people Americans are at war with- articles which are now deleted and 404'd- BUT conservatives specifically value non-interventionism, so no longer bombing the middle east is very, very good for us. Obama received a nobel peace prize because he campaigned on non-interventionism in the middle east, if Trump succeeded where he failed that's a net positive. Whenever America gets involved outside of their country they're called fascists and warmongers trying to cripple countries to steal their resources, if liberals/leftists are right- less interventionism = good. TPP was a bad deal for America, especially the environmental clauses where China and other much larger polluters were exempt. Tariffs were actually pretty good, and up until cov-19 Trump had a record breaking economy, whose records "experts" said were impossible to ever achieve. Americans were hit by a lot of silly tariffs, including a 240% milk tariff. These tariffs were so bad for Americans that farmers literally destroyed and burnt their products to avoid getting financially destroyed. Trump was elected as a populist in reaction to the radical left though. While I agree Americans need socialized healthcare and other socialized programs, "socialism" is far different from this. Not only this, but younger generations are identifying as conservatives at record rates. Democrats/Socialists are very divisive and Cortez, Ilhan, ext. have been very quickly shunned by the Democrats and Cortez's reelection has been openly sabotaged by Pelosi and others. Anyone or anything adopted by socialists in the past 4 years has failed and blown up in their face; and they've turned and gone "not real socialism". Venezuela used to be a keystone in the socialist movement in 2016, and we've seen how that turned out- and how that's touted as "not real socialism" anymore. I don't see any headway made by Socialists, only the goalpost being moved when Venezuela, Bernie, Cortez, and other hallmarks fall and burn while everyone memes on Socialists. Hell, you even had incels a month ago circle jerk around a girl wearing a Bernie shirt- only for her to get death threats and fall into obscurity when she says she has a boyfriend. The Socialist movement has done nothing but garner Conservatives more favor, and unfortunately it's the National Socialists who gained more popularity during Trumps term.
  6. It's hard for me to talk about American prices, but here in Canada the RTX and RTX XT are the same prices. In fact, some XT's are cheaper than the regular so I refer to these prices interchangeably. I've never experienced this. I've streamed Half-Life: Alyx on Discord without issue; and virtual desktop worked butter smooth while in game. I always have chrome, discord, spotify, and occasionally visual studio open on my second monitor while gaming. Keeping in mind, I'm on a 2600- if you spent $50 and got a 3600 you'd be in a very, very good position. If you're struggling with discord and spotify while gaming on an AMD machine my only guess would be you have a ton of malware. AMD is built with more cores/threads specifically for multitasking. The R5 stock coolers look/function surprisingly good. If you have a shitty MOBO they even contribute to VRM cooling, whereas a tower cooler wouldn't. I'm just a boomer for aftermarket CPU coolers though, which is why I can't hate too much on people who love AIOs.
  7. You just throw it on a USB and flash the motherboard. You don't need to build a PC, update it, then tear it down and do it all over again. Also... $150 CPU and $500 GPU? That's...not bad. It seems like you don't know what you're talking about, considering you didn't know how to flash a MOBO, so I'd be wary of offering advice and criticizing someone next time. Ryzen 5 2600 + RX 5700 ($150, $500) is a very common and very good pairing. I'd recommend dropping $50 more and getting an R5 3600 just so you'd have the option of upgrading the GPU at a later date but...that's still $200, and that's future proofing it. (2600 w/ RX 5700) Incorrect, the GPU has the most significant impact. An R5 2600 is $160, an RX 5700 is $500. The golden rule used to be a CPU should be 1/4 the cost of your GPU. You can buy a windows 10 key off ebay for $3. [s]I haven't seen it in this thread, but you could save $150-200 by going with a microATX board. 1. Make sure it has a good VRM heatsink for reliable OC 2. These can hold 32GB of RAM, I don't see that being outdated anytime soon; but if you want to drop over $200 for 64GB of ram, you do you. 3. Since everyones recommending mid-tower cases, a microATX would make sense. I assume you're only going to rock a wireless card and a GPU at most, so the extra PCI-e slots from a regular ATX are redundant. Don't pay for extras you don't plan on using.[/s] Don't spend $300 on a MOBO as said before, but disregard microATX stuff and get: 212evo/deepcool air coolers are perfectly fine and you'll save $100 from not getting an AIO. I rocked a $100 microATX, 212evo and a 1660 equivalent for many years. I switched over to AMD and I'm using a $30 deepcool and it's serving me very well. My only gripe is that my 212evo was old enough that I didn't have an AM4 bracket so I had to get a new after market cooler. Only problem is the 1660 is getting dated, drop the AIO and save $100. With that $100 you can go from the 1660 to an RX 5700, and get a ~20% improvement. For $100, that's good; as a 20% improvement over the RX 5700 would be a 2070S - a $300 upgrade. Be careful buying parts right now, some people have recommending $300 MOBOs that are normally $100. A lot of people spent their coronavirus stimulus money on PC upgrades and stocks are low, prices are skewed and being upsold.
  8. Hey man ;)