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Forum Update : 19th February 2008

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  • Cleaned forum files up
  • Installed fresh copy of the forum
  • Added arcade hack (check navigation on the left)
  • Added casino hack (check navigation on the left)
  • Added vbTubePRO hack (check navigation on the left)
  • Added Thank You hack (new button near the edit button)
  • Added new version of MGC Chatbox hack
  • Made the complaints section 1 big section instead of many little sections
  • Added procedures & for complaints and appeals
  • Added paid subscriptions through the forum (inactive atm)
  • Added 11 arcade games
  • Promoted Litkey to AO (he went MOA 2 minutes later...typical)
  • Change usergroup settings
  • Add supporter usergroup


Planned Updates


  • Welcome PM
  • Configure casino
  • Write up supporter package
  • Write up how to view a demo and demo commands
  • Advertise ventrilo
  • Fix smilies and rank images


I've spent the last 11 + 3 hours upgrading the forums to benefit you guys, if you wanna show any sort of thanks, please donate to zombiemurder.




I wanna do a brief summary on the supporter packages I mentioned in the planned updates. Atm what I have planned is two supporter levels, 1 & 2, for level 1 you will get to use the ZM donator skins, a reserved slot, improved forum settings (animated sigs and avatars, bigger avatars and sigs and so on) and a few other things.


That will cost $10 a month.


The level 2 supporter is the same except you pay once and get everything in the package forever.


That will cost $100.


I havent confirmed this yet, if you have any suggestions on the matter, feel free to post, I will hopefully have a full list of stuff you get for donating by the end of the week, depends on when echo finishes a script I have him working on but he's always been reliable so should be the end of the week latest.

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