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Whats the best CS moment?

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I can't remember everything, but I've had quite a lot of fun in my time playing CS:S.


Some funny things has been happened recently, Obez had a Scout and he was hiding it behind his back (He was still wearing it, but you know it's so big so it's easy to see from the front, side and back.) So a CT saw him, I was aware of it, and he was. The CT didn't warn him, but only said, get to the corners of pool. CT saw the Scout, and at that moment I stood up in front of him to hide himslef and the weapon (LOL I had admin skin so I'm more fet than the normal skin) but an AWP CT knew what we were doing down there so he shoot us both in the head. The bullet went through my head to his lmfao.

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my funniest moment was at pb some time ago ...


i was ct & greatwhiteshark was t


since there were only 5 t's left & they all had console i gave them a freeday if they typed '+left' in console


a second later shark suicides ... i ask him why & he says he accidentaly typed 'kill' in console instead of '+left'

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I laugh very hard just some weeks ago when I was T and I asked for a hug , and then blew ~4 ct's up with bomb . Lmao .


Yesterday I was told to go to the big cage and stay there , one ct guarded us , I screamed BEHIND YOU , guy looked behind him , when he was doing it I ran into vent : D

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My favourite CS:S moment was a few years ago on FBI's antlion escape server.


We were playing on jet escape, and I was the only CT still alive, and I was at the end of the map with dualies and a machine gun, holding out against 2 or 3 antlion's(zombies). I naded 1 of them into the water, he died, if there was a 3rd one, he backed off and hid behind the wall, and I jumped on the plane as the 2nd one came after me. I emptied what little MG ammo i had left in my clip into him, then hid in the front of plane, pulled out my dualies just as he jumped on, they were empty, he turned left to the back of the plane, I basically said fuck it, pulled out my knife, rushed him and right clicked him once in the back, and he died. I think I screamed yes about 20 times.


I still remember that moment clear as sunshine in my mind

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Playing on de_dust2 as a CT trying to defuse the bomb at A with only one terrorist remaining. He was in CT spawn whilst I was up top looking around before I tried to defuse. He threw a nade at me, it bounced off my face (it literally looked as though it hit my screen) and went back down and killed him. Never had anything so epic or even similar happen since.

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