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  1. Metal posting :happyllama:

  2. Bald

    hey lmao sorry for being a dipshit and not joining months later, I'm still down to do that Christmas recording

    I'm also gonna try and stay more active then once every 2 years lmao

  3. His point is the title. If they don't work, They should be removed.
  4. Hey, I liked doing that Easter Egg and make people guessing how I did it. Delete this! Than again, 99.9% of our TTT server doesnt look at this site. =p
  5. I will be trying my luck with trying to create a MG Map to represent SG. We will see how this Hammer Newbie can do.
  6. I was just asking if you had it or not, I get the fact we are busy and stuff. I don't mind needing to wait, its just how it is until summer is fully here.
  7. Don't you still have to have your match?
  8. Remove it from your CSGO/Maps folder. It will re-download the new version.
  9. Auto plant as in, as we do the animation it skips its all or its already planted?
  10. Metal

    Team Imbalance

    It's been this way for years, I don't see this changing. If an admin switches a player to CT and they break rules, they will be punished like any other player. Even if you have never played CT, you should know the rules of the server. I understand where you come from but the ratio 2:1 is set for a reason. I've played when its 3-4 CT's Vs 8 T's or more, It becomes an issue when the T's overpower the Ct's within the first few minutes due to lack of CT's. The way Fuze explained is the best way of dealing with Ratio. When I was SA I would ask if anyone would like to go to CT and if no one went I would switch the highest Kill count T to CT. Rinse and repeat. I also do not want Gangs to go away, I think its a great idea for T's to work together officially rather than just by using a tag. As for CT's I'm sure they can think of something that is similar to T's Gangs.
  11. Reminder this is tomorrow.