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  1. Bald

    hey lmao sorry for being a dipshit and not joining months later, I'm still down to do that Christmas recording

    I'm also gonna try and stay more active then once every 2 years lmao

  2. My cousin was at the Jurassic park and said it was one hell of a party.
  3. Keep in mind, SMM2 does not support Online Co-op with friends...At the moment. But I do like this idea as we can vote on the better maps.
  4. Over the last few years they added a slight animation to ads, Also funny how "Hard Scoping" was something you got shit for doing. I mainly hate it because going from CoD4 to MW2 was pretty hard as a lot changed, some good, some bad. CoD MW is not a mil sim but it really needs to go back to the original 3 kill streaks and focus on the gunplay.
  5. Would of been better if they fixed quick scoping, Knife teleport and one man army exploit.
  6. No sense wasting resources and time for a server that will die within weeks. (IMO but last time proves a point) You need dedicated members, admins to seed and fill said server. When Xeno made a Gmod TTT server everyone said they would play it and help populate it. No one played it and it died. Same will happen to retakes IF you lose the "SG" player base. @delirium Is a prime example of how to really jump start a server (Casual iirc) He promoted the shit out of the server, always tried to get people playing. But once the hype dies down (Minecraft, Retakes, Casual etc) these servers die unless you have a constant SG playerbase. Keep it as an event, BMGT or BWGT.
  7. I would have to agree. A great example would the the End Game TTT events. Events on our main servers should be up to the CA's, AT's. The events team does focus outside of CSGO often but I don't see that being an issue. Player count for these events can vary and that is what they struggle with. But the motd/Splash page sounds like a great idea.
  8. His point is the title. If they don't work, They should be removed.
  9. Metal


    Closed Alpha/Beta. Games not all that bad, but seems server load is a bit much when trying to load the store and trying to talk to NPC's Other than that, I'm enjoying it so far.
  10. We use to play this map all the time and hardly did we have people complaining about the guns, layout, sound etc. The only complaint was the Teamkilling with tripmines in the tunnel. The guns on the map are CQC weapons due to the size and layout of the map. The layout is easy to remember, plenty of space for players and is a enjoyable CQC. If guns are an issue, we can edit the map to fix that. Same with the music, it can be fixed or removed. I do not think based on this the map should be removed. Also "Map is rarely played" is not a good reason in my eyes to remove a map. Look at sky_island, hardly played but still on there. The map is not complex compared to other games we have also. So, thats a big No from me.
  11. So you peep whos voted no gonna post?