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  1. Metal

    Thoughts on me

    Your choice in waifus is god damn awful.
  2. @Black Rainbecauses shes poop at comp with p90 rushes
  3. SG had a furry and he caused a lot of drama. So we has a community raided his server and website.
  4. Thread isn't here anymore but when Haggard banned Sgt_Church during the furry war.
  5. What a disappointment that was. I'll still buy it for the campaign and for a bit of multi-player. I lasted a month in cold war. Let's see if this is less.
  6. Metal posting :happyllama:

  7. Oh boy first post in a very long time. Why am i posted? Who fucking knows. Activi$ion likes money, so that's why every damn call of duty from now on will have warzone intergradation. Vanguard from leaks seems to take place after WWII ended, and its the start of Task Force 141, who knows. We did not want another WWII game, and with this games integration into warzone will ruin it more. The black op weapons broke warzone and once we got 1984 war zone and mixing modern guns with cold war guns really made things weird. So with World war weapons in the mix, come on. This game might of been in development longer than Cold War but due to the money printer warzone is, its being put into warzone. So this game might last while, might take the black ops population down due to vanguard using the IW2021 engine. People are just waiting for MW2. But once Battlefield 2042 is out, well sales will drop quick.
  8. Bald

    hey lmao sorry for being a dipshit and not joining months later, I'm still down to do that Christmas recording

    I'm also gonna try and stay more active then once every 2 years lmao

  9. My cousin was at the Jurassic park and said it was one hell of a party.
  10. Keep in mind, SMM2 does not support Online Co-op with friends...At the moment. But I do like this idea as we can vote on the better maps.