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How do you celebrate new years?

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First of all. Happy fucking 2010. 2009 flew by faster than TCP when he found out the all you could eat buffet was free. So, how do you guys celebrate new years? I don't do the "routine" shit with the fireworks. I get together with a bunch of friends and blast some badass music all night. Listening to this right now:


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Guest Vivian556

liquid ice energyt drink n cherry schnapps shots (Chuck Norris Shots)

and dont forget the silly string fights at the countdown!

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first i'm eating with my parents ... (they actually can cook) i stay there till 01:00 hour


then i'm off to a friends house & celebrate with my buddies ... drinking cava a keeping the street awake cuz we're singing our lungs out ...


then (must be round 02:30 hours me & my buddies go to a party ... & shake it till 07:00 hours (party closes :ohwell:)


after that we go to a shop (that just opened) and buy some more cava ... having a great time till bout 10:00 hours


& then i go home & get some sleep

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