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  1. One of the greatest to ever hold a staff position in Steam-Gamers. Thanks for everything lem - you are a huge reason for our success over the years.
  2. Haven't dabbled in programming in a while but I always enjoyed building websites with PHP/MySQL and figuring out how to code the stylesheets that went with them
  3. Prez

    QOTD QoTD 10/11/2022

    the walk would be nice, though stairs is great for a workout. Depends on the day lol
  4. The one thing I know that I haven't done is go to an all you can eat buffet where it's a communal grab and go. Probably never will again lol
  5. I will tell you though for the last part from personal experience (work) - project management is SO slow in larger companies, lmao. For me, I'd say the night sky. I love going to planetariums and looking at the star exhibitions, and also pictures from the JWST - incredible
  6. Damn, never thought I'd actually see this day Best of luck in med school nerd Will never forget everything we've done together and what you've done for this place.
  7. Grats everyone!
  8. I think from my perspective there is some balance to be had between the "old/original" tiers that Revenga put forward and the current system. Obviously I am a bit biased, but the original "team structure" we put forward had one taem for modding/streaming/design in the Media team, and I would agree that MKT has never been fully autonomous and would need to be looked at. The original structure however had a BD that was the head of each team so that you had some of that influence in each functioning area and to make sure things were able to move forward with some level of "executive authority". I don't think it'd necessarily be a bad thing to put this back into place with some modifications from above. - CA is super valuable and can serve both a server and actually "community discussion" focus (hence why I requested it back, although Ive been inactive in posting lately) - IA is still valuable IMO and wouldn't hurt to either merge the duties under AO, or have half do AT duties and half do IA all under the AO umbrella - BDs should head a department/team - Remove modding/streaming/design and put back into one Media team IMO - Figure out marketing - either have it headed by Caution and go that way, merge into BD responsibilities again or some other option that I can't think of
  9. I see you there dude! Hope you're well