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  1. YES. YES YES. This is what will make 2021 win. Y'all rock.
  2. Looks like some changes for the better. Really happy to see that we are seriously putting effort into expansion beyond CGSO too!
  3. Except for you because you suck $25 down payment or riot.
  4. Can I buy fantastic a christmas present
  5. black rain or b0m for VP

  6. Good update, thanks for this!
  7. Hai Squid dogey boy 

  8. Sorry to hear this man. All the best.
  9. This looks absolutely sublime! Excellent work everyone. It has been truly a long, painstaking work in progress for several years and I am so happy to see it come to fruition. Thanks to everyone who had a hand in this - especially Liam, Nishok and the technical team. You guys have had a huge hand in one of the most important changes to Steam-Gamers in the history of its existence.
  10. The SG admins group is no longer in use because a certain @Nuclear Onion broke it
  11. Coming from my perspective, even though I haven't been VP or on the board for over a year these kinds of decisions and changes are made with the mindset of positively pushing our organization into more logical forms. You can't always work with the "if it ain't broke" mentality, otherwise progress will never happen. This change, while unexpected, makes sense to me in the way that there has always been a lack of concrete definition of what/who qualifies as "Legend" vs HG. Making a middle rank and *more* clearly defining all three now makes sense, and it is more scalable, even if there is further room for clarification. That isn't to say that there isn't room for improvement, but these kinds of announcement threads are by and large made for two reasons: a) To notify everyone of what is happening, of course; and b) To see what kind of feedback happens. If they didn't want feedback, they would lock the thread and delete further discussions from the outset. Obviously, the team doesn't run that way in general - so then you get responses like yours, mine, everyone else's, etc. Programs like this never, and I mean never stay in Version 1 format. Will they add administrator permissions? Maybe, who knows; might take a few days for them to discuss and bring in the right people. Trust me, I've been in those meetings before; it took weeks and weeks to create the initial structure of the Divisions we have today... and look what happened: they have probably changed 10 times since the original thread two years ago. I think these kinds of discussions and threads with public opinion are healthy. However, changes are made with a purpose and will always end up being affected by some future event, feedback or criticism and they will change again. The other thing I will mention is that nowhere in the OP or from a BD directly was it mentioned why powers weren't granted. Everything that is said until it is clarified is pure speculation. No one here that doesn't have a red name can say why it was chosen - be it trust issues, personal decisions, whatever. It is best not to speculate because you'll just end up pissing both yourself and everyone else off with rage over what the potential reasoning is. It will likely come out from the Board (at least partly) on why it was decided in this way, especially due to different responses being posted by various members of the community (mine included), so I would wait for that before making any more judgments or opinions on this.
  12. Without knowing a lot of the work done behind the scenes for the change, based on the general eligibility I think it may make sense to give veterans at least an A level of powers, if not SA like Legends.
  13. Thank you for everything Prez. I was a little too late, so decided not to bump your thread hence why I'm writing you this message on here. Unfortunately we haven't talked for a while, but I know you were a great addition to the team. Good luck on your future endeavours amigo.