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  1. I see you there dude! Hope you're well

  2. Sweet! Great work all
  3. Prez

    Happy belated, bud.

  4. welcome back

  5. Prez


    Why did you promote black rain again?
  6. I'm sorry I missed the party everyone. This is for you, Roux. Thanks to @Johnand everyone who was able to put such a great thing together.
  7. As a side note, I am very grateful for the fact that anyone is able to make comments here including @Dominic, @McBride and @All Ts. Thanks for giving everyone the opportunity to say their piece and express their thanks for knowing @roux.
  8. Prez

    See you soon dude.

  9. This is not the post that I was expecting to see when logging in today. I am truly at a loss for words - this doesn't seem real to me. You were always an upstanding guy Roux - we never got to meet up like we had always joked about, and I'm sad that we won't be able to. You've truly left a huge mark on the community and those around you - seeing all of the names in this thread (past and present members of the higher up staff, members at large) has shown that you truly reached across so many different groups and eras of the members of Steam-Gamers. I'm so grateful to have known you, though we weren't as close as others. Thank you for gracing us with your time here - rest in peace brother.
  10. Prez

    Introducing KZ!

    YES. YES YES. This is what will make 2021 win. Y'all rock.
  11. Looks like some changes for the better. Really happy to see that we are seriously putting effort into expansion beyond CGSO too!
  12. Except for you because you suck $25 down payment or riot.
  13. Can I buy fantastic a christmas present