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Okay so I discovered after trying to talk to friends on Vent that it doesn't work. It says that my Microphone and Line-in are "unplugged." The thing is, they are plugged in. My computer came with Realtek HD Audio Manager. All of the drivers are up to date. So I have no idea what is going on. Anyone want to shed some light on this?

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I had this happen when i changed from a wired to wireless head set

what i did was go to control panel > sound. then there was a list of things and it said my wireless was unplugged when it wasn't so i disable my wired (just disable what ever is enabled) then once you do that the volume icon at the bottom right of your screen will get a red ex on it once it does that click on it and then it will say troubleshooting. click on that and let it troubleshoot and then it should automatically enable what ever you have plugged in.

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Tried pulling out the wires and plugging them back in? Worked for me.


Got them to auto-recognize. Also, if your using a headset, make sure that box is checked.

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