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My Signature Won't Work! Please Help!

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Signature Links and Pictures: A Tutorial by President Shadow


Hey, so you want to put a picture in your signature? Make it look cool? Spice it up? YEAH!


... oh wait, it won't work.

Common problems:

  • The image could be corrupt


Yeah, most of the time, it's that the tags aren't used correctly. The tags you'd use to put an image or link in a signature would be:


Images: [img*]IMAGE LINK HERE[/img]

URLs/Links: [*url=URL HERE]or URL HERE[/url]


For the URL, you could either put the url AFTER the equal sign, or inside the boxes.




Let's say you want to link Google.


After the equals sign-



You can add your own word inside the code. Like this:


Paul likes tcp

Yahoo! Search


Inside the code-


Same thing, want to link google.





This just makes your text a URL, and no custom wording can be used.



Alright, so you have links down. So now what? Oh... you want an image in your signature! Simple. You can either have your picture, just it by itself, or you can have it link to a website! Here's how you do it:


First, for a non-linked, regular image.


The Tags: [img*]IMAGE LINK HERE[/*img)


** Without the stars **


Second, for a linked image, going to somewhere else.


The Tags: [*url=URL TO LINK THE PICTURE TO GOES HERE][*img]IMAGE LINK HERE[/*img][/*url]

** Without the stars **


Here's an Example:


Say you want to use a picture of... the SG logo.




Okay, so now you have your link.


If you just want a non-linked image, this is what it should look like:








There it is!



If you want to link the picture, to say... the steamgamers homepage, do this:



And.. voila!





Remember: Don't put the stars (*) in the tags! Those are to make them demonstrations!


Note: When you place a link, it will ALWAYS show up with white font color. This is unchangeable on vBulletin.



So remember kids, if you ever want to put a link or a picture in your signature, look here.


Hope this helps!


-President Shadow

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