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Your role in a post apocalypse "community"

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The world as we know it has collapsed: Zombies have taken over, a new ice age has come, an asteroid has struck, nukes were launched, and any other manner of hell has been unleashed.


Basically, what role would you play in a post apocalyptic community?

Would you be the medic? Or the local barkeep? Do you tend the fences and keep the zombies at bay or are you the local rapist? Feel free to explain the town set up/apocalypse too.

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Escape plan:

I seriously have thought about this before haha, talked with my friends aboot it. Ok, step 1: get a car / boat and get to florida, of course stop for supplies and get a few more survivors to populate. go to a small island (jamacia, or w/e) and fight off zombies off the entire island. wait it out / repopulate after time.


Car to drive:


Fully armored truck (has gun holes).


Weapon of choice:








Protected house, metal barred windows,cameras everywhere, and people standing watch.


Getaway vehicle:


all else fails get in this with guns and book it the fuck out.

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