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  1. Winner of most ironic comment of the year material
  2. If someone comes and asks for honest advice, sure. I'm not out here actively trying to be friends with anyone not over 18 though. Being cruel isn't the goal but if someone feels that way maybe they should either A) take a look at what they're doing to receive those type of responses or B) privately address the situation and figure out why. Speaking on myself personally; there are probably loads of people here who think I'm just an asshole, but, ask anyone who's really came to me with shit and they'll mostly tell you that I'm actually a decent person. I get that you'd like to position this response as positive and polite as possible but some kids really need that "shut the fuck up" treatment to understand and grow.
  3. Actually... Hot, sweet, and in my mouth.
  4. Another example of someone who needs negative reinforcement
  5. I help the youth by being an asshole to them so that we can give negative reinforcement when they're displaying undesirable actions. If you're a normal chill kid I don't have a problem. If you're obnoxious you're gonna get bullied until you stop. Example: @TheZZL
  6. Thank you for the amazing banner @thuxys
  7. Something wrong with this list but not sure what it is
  8. Inb4 someone whole has absolutely no clue or no need wins the grand prize. This a good look anyways though.
  9. you know the bear in "don't poke the bear", yeah he's the victim. dude is just trying to catch some zzzs and some fucking girl comes up and is like hey hey hey hey. hey mister. you can't blame the sleeping bear for reacting when someone abuses him with a finger.

    1. delirium


      I'm glad you understand my situation. Please take corrective action :tears_of_joy:

  10. We no longer support teamspeak as an application so not sure what server you're connecting to but it ain't us chief.
  11. used to have a server here thanks to @eXtr3m3
  12. This man's is going to do a giveaway a week for the thanks clout until he's on the leaderboard
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    In advance

    In advance of any of the holiday theme skins being applied to the site (if they're ready already) please make sure there is an option to use the classic theme as well for those times.
  14. delirium

    Happy October

    It's called vacation idiot. You think I'm on papers or some shit and can't leave the state or something?