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  1. Bruh you couldn't even win the contest you campaigned for
  2. This blog has lasted far longer than I thought it would. Have you considered getting a therapist instead?
  3. Favorite BR ever. Open mic is hilarious.
  4. Doesn't even have voice for soloq you filthy casual.
  5. I appreciate everything each of you do for the community so you all get a vote.
  6. I really wish I could go back and give them all a vote now that I have this information.
  7. Some of you have never played DotA and it shows.
  8. how to lose everything for a popularity contest 101
  9. Roux, Watching your journey and growth here over the last few years has been amazing. You've definitely came a long way from the person you were when you first started really hanging around. You're also one of the funniest motherfuckers this community has ever seen. Glad I was able to be a part of your experience here even if it wasn't always on the best terms. I know that you will be successful in whatever you put your mind to because that's the type of person you are. Take care of business and yourself bud. You've left a raccoon shaped hole that this place will struggle to fill.
  10. I know you're an old man around these parts and maybe it's just faulty eyesight but thanks for regurgitating 90% of the first sentence of my post.
  11. delirium

    Damian lillard

    Are you a lakers fan lmfao? The disrespect is unreal.