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  1. Shorten the map rotation by removing garbage/unplayed maps and it could be feasible. There's at least one server better ranked than us that plays only one map and they're doing fine And I'll reiterate it for the 100th time... Shorten your map pool when the server is below x amount of players to maps that statistically boost population.
  2. Newfag unstack commands. Back in my day we just got blocked and liked it
  3. Yo peep the loyalty award homie
  4. About time. Good work design team.
  5. Making a event for RP on a server that is already supposed to be RP
  6. Also agree. Players act differently when staff is around. Of course people can always PM staff issues they have with players but I think it would be more transparent to roll back these changes or find some sort of middle ground. A lot of the same things non-admins were getting criticized for posting is still getting posted by some of the contributers currently.
  7. Racist. Cool event. We usually ran these around Halloween during my stay but now is better than never I guess.
  8. delirium

    CT Healthboost

    Gentoo single handedly killing the server with this post until something is done about it. Who am I kidding? JB regs can't read.
  9. 2-3 years ago and you would just get bullied off the server lmfao. Anyways, happy you can get the attention you so desperately need.
  10. @TheZZL never made it home to wrap that thread up
  11. Another day another "jailbreak is garbage" post that boils down to the people playing the server being the problem and not the rules. Backing your logic up with "admins are saying it's killing the server" is laughable, subjective, and comes from anecdotal experiences. Are there issues with the jailbreak server? Sure. They're the same issues I had towards the end of my run as manager: The jailbreak player base blows. Stop encouraging all of the annoying shit that goes on and use some negative reinforcement on the shitlords who don't stop by taking the attention they want away from them.
  12. $5 to the first person to 3 stock @R3Flex with no weapons