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  1. Was waiting on this change to be honest. Was wondering when the admin application requirements were going to be tightened up again as well now that we're not severely hurting for admins.
  2. Tl;dr I'm annoyed I have to do housekeeping on threads sometimes and read dumb opinions
  3. If anything the rust and other admin apps should be open to the the public too. You guys just rolled out a new way of doing admin apps in other games and used it as justification to switch the long standing process we have overnight with no public discussion beforehand.
  4. Why change it now? I understand sifting through the shitposts and obvious squads of friends who come in out of nowhere to drop a support for someone who's probably not ready, but, why punish those of us who actually can provide solid input on candidates when it's clear who this change is actually about. You should restrict the subforums on a case by case scenario instead of a blanket 'we don't want to deal with this' solution that you're rolling out. On top of that this will only create a 'dick sucking' culture among hopeful applicants towards the staff. Anyways thanks for taking this into consideration.
  5. He's talking about zriot which by all accounts was a failure
  6. Haha funny this got brought up because we tried to bring zriot back in 2017
  7. delirium

    LR = KOS

    Thank you for regurgitating the rules. I don't think anyone who has access to the forums and plays jailbreak doesn't already know this or where the rules thread is.
  8. >not spending new years with your girlfriend and streaming for steam-gamers instead a man of principle I see
  9. delirium

    Discord Emotes

    It's like $40 a year...
  10. delirium

    Discord Emotes

    Just buy nitro you peasant
  11. While I appreciate the sentiment isn't this technically money laundering?
  12. I hope @TheZZL makes it home soon so he can wrap this up by responding to a few posts.
  13. Are you making a relevant point in this at all? Could you clarify because your word vomit is giving me a headache.