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    Bunch of people complaining they don’t get instant gratification in here. Nothing wrong with the rates that are set at the moment. If you want something from the store either put the time in on the servers or buy the credits. Things shouldn’t just be handed to you because you feel like the work required isn’t fair… that’s not how life works at all, you have to work for the things you want.
  2. I think you’re reading into things too much. This is a general guideline to refer to when explaining to admins what the repercussions would be for acting naughty not a hard guideline for what will happen. I believe they stated things would be dealt with on a case by case basis so I’m sure that the additional context that would apply in the questions you’re raising would decide the outcome.
  3. Would require me to turn my computer on so for that reason I’m out.
  4. I see the infraction points but where is the list that shows how to get the good boy stars?
  5. I agree it's a half measure at the moment but the words you used for your example won't exactly get you demonitized on the major platforms yet although excessive use can be annoying. If anything this is probably the just the start. If you rush into something like this you'll piss a lot of people off at the same time. If you slowly take them away the backlash is minimal.
  6. Whether or not you agree with the decision the fact remains that this is a step towards being a more inclusive and mainstream community. How is marketing supposed to do their job if people who may be interested in running sponsored events or something come on the servers and hear a bunch of socially unacceptable language? In terms of pushing the community itself forward this is one of many hard decisions that has to be made if this place wants any actual success in the current social climate.
  7. Let the "I thought we were better friends than that" games begin. Can't wait to see who snitches on who when they get upset.
  8. Exactly why its not going to happen Y'all can ask for this however many times you want but with the current way jailbreak is set up it's not going to happen.
  9. I don't think this will happen because A) you're talking about the jailbreak population, it won't be used as intended and B) effectively giving the server backseat admin in a plugin is a bad idea.
  10. Pretty sure it was rejected.
  11. Ngl this font and the text colors is probably the tackiest team recruitment post I've seen... Which is ironic because theoretically it should be the best looking one considering the team.
  12. Can you try typing in English like a normal person instead of whatever the fuck this is?