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Need (not that) mad PHP skillzzz!!

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Hey durrrr


Im a dork when it comes to php scripting but I really need a script for my company website..

I need a script where people can submit songs in various formats (prefarably only wav and mp3 that can be uploaded) for an online radio station..

I would need them to fill out some sort of form including name, bandname, phone, email, songname + some sort of "I agree to these terms" + terms-box + upload form..


Prefarably the songs should be emailed to me, but it would do if they were uploaded to a folder on our webserver and then I was notified by email..

Its not a biggie, I believe, if you know php.. Making it possible to upload multiple songs would be good too...


Any takers? :cry:

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I asked my friend and I'll paste the convo.


ME:-"I quote what you wrote".

-would that be hard for you to do? or is it easy?

HIM:-fairly difficult

-and youd need a lot of bandwidth if it gets a fair amount of people

ME:-Ah. How long would you guess it'd take?

HIM:- week?


-for someone who wasnt busy couple of days maybe


Obviously I have no idea how to do it or I would help, and I doubt he has time to do it :\ but that is how much work it would take approx (According to him)

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Dont worry about the copyright issues.. I got all of those covered..


Could you ask him if he could do a really simply version, Bob? Like make it upload the file to the server and meanwhile send 4 pieces of info to a given email.. (Name, bandname, email and path to the file)..

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It is fairly difficult to do, at least properly. I'm sure you could find an existing PHP script that you can just throw in your page and modify.


Edit1: http://php.about.com/od/advancedphp/ss/php_file_upload.htm


Edit2: http://www.hotscripts.com/category/php/scripts-programs/file-manipulation/upload-systems/ There's a whole lot of file manipulation systems.

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