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Now this thread is meant to do one thing and one thing only, show why we as a community should get a second PB server rather than up the slots of one PB server.


As far as i have seen one main reason some people may be against a second PB is because "we lack admins to patrol PB." Now that is a fair point, PB needs to be watched constantly...BUT i surveyed admins and apprentices, 31 people answered that they play PB sometimes to a lot (I added the people I see in there enough to not have to ask as well). That isn't even taking into account the people i don't see, or don't have on my friends list. Here is the list:



- Beth



- Mikey



Double SB








Cookie Do

Morning After

My August is Burning



Great White Shark



Bad Dog


Dirty Sanchez




Famous Zombie Hunter


King Swat



Canadian Traffic Cone



Bill Nye the Nazi Spy



Im not sure about you, but 31+ admins is far and away enough admins to monitor two PB servers. Also it is enough people to help fill up the second server.


That is a second reason, population, “Well its full at 30 slots why not just leave it or up the slots?” Well, in my opinion as well as some others the added people actually destroy game play. Now I can see how one would say “But It is only three more people on CT and T why does that matter?” Well this matters because of the limited amount of AWPs as well as the increase amount of pants of head retarded CT's taking said AWPs and not helping at all, more just blocking and getting people killed.


Now two 24 slot servers accommodates 48 people and I believe can be filled with the amount of people who are on PB constantly and the people who have to sit out and wait as regs or SA-A's. Also, it will allow more people to play a variety of maps if they don't enjoy the one being played on one server, though overlap may happen it may just be the people on that map that some people dislike, allowing them to play a different PB but stay on SG.


Thirdly “Well you won't get much support on this idea, most of us hate PB.” I have heard this so many times it could almost be our new slogan... But the point I make of it is that obviously if 24 or as it is now 30 slots are full constantly then a lot of people do like it. Making it full as much if not more than Mini Games. More importantly I ask why do people hate it? Usually too much bitching, but here is the question...Why does having a second popular server that you dislike affect you at all? SG has enough servers that if you like a different one play that server but don't rule out the idea of this server.


Finally I just ask that this be looked at seriously and at least contemplate this, and please do not judge it too biased, but rather objectively. As in the idea of if this server would be good or bad for this community or not... That is the final question I pose, would a second PB server be good for the whole community?

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I may not be in the PB as much as you guys but I should be on that list. :3 I agree PB has more admins in it than any other server we have. A second server would be nice.

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