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I seem to be suffering from extreme lag when entering the Steamgamers Prisonbreak server. When I enter the game freezes and the "Connection problem" message will appear in the top right hand corner. After a while gameplay resumes, however the lag continues to spike every couple of seconds. My ping is fine and I never used to experience this before.


Console doesn't display any sort of error message so I have no idea what's wrong. Could anyone hazard a guess?

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get better computer :d


ONLY AT THE PB HE SAYS... don't just post such ridicilous awnser...


In the zombie escape server are many more people and even then i don't suffer from lag...

Only on the PB server...


But i think we just have to live with it :blink1:

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Hey dude i have experienced same problems. What helped me was just quiting and playing on it agian, it works until i turn my computer off then it happens again. Its something to do with not recieving voice channels. Hope this helps :d

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This happened to me before, And i when i had the net_Graph 1 Showing it showed that with the "In" Option that i was recieving over 10k, I reinstalled and it was fine, Although theres probably an easier solution

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