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Hacking the Server

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Tell me, you three are different from Microshock and MK VB...how? This is probably one of the lamest and most immature stunt you have pulled out. Not to mention matt, congrats on outting yourself as a racist.


Almost forgot, this isn't a hacking..more of an invading. You three little girls just can't let sleeping dogs lie, ey? If someone bothers you and they're banned, you don't push them further into there own territory. You IGNORE them. They eventually go away.

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{SG}{M@tt°}{187} : MICRO YOUR A FUCKIN N***** YOU KNOW THAT? Now if he has chat logs I'll be banned tomarrow lmao


Censored out, buy you guys should know what he said, and in somewhat case i think you should be punished.


Acting immature whilst wearing the [sG] tag. not a good example.

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I am extremely dissapointed with you matt and ev, extremely dissapointed.

But more so with you sol, i approved you as admin cus i thought u were mature and rsposible. You have let me down, you let the tag down and i dont know how BOD feel, but i feelo you have sunk to microshocks level and by wearing the clan tag at the same time. Let us down.


if admin elite come down on you like a tonne of shit, i aint standing up for any of you.

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Wow, I didn't even watch but from the comments posted, Matt I hope you either get a severe warning or your admin completely revoked. You went into another server, with SG/ZM tags, acting exactly like the people we ban. Pot meet kettle.


Grow up, all 3 of you. Sol I expected better from you, the others not so much.

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Woah woah woah woah hold on a sec. Yes, I went there with the intent you fuck the server up but once i got there i realized it was a decent, fun server and Micro had it under good control, the only time i ever did any wrongs was when they asked me to, not when i totally wanted to. Im not trying to pin the blame on them, i admit I fucked up and im sorry.


I honestly apologize, it was stupid.


Also, i originaly said what M@tt had said in the server chat he coppied and pasted it, Im going to admit it because i dont want M@tt to get into anymore shit than he already might be.


Sol =(

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