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well im sorry!

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i know what i did and im sorry for it i was just jokeing around with microshock tell him ima hack his server too piss him off.all tho i do need too be punshed for what i said or what i copyed & pasted i should have never copyed & pasted it or would never be in trobly. but i do agree i should have some punshment too what i said & makeing the ZM comunity look bad even if it was just me SOl & EV on the server. im not trying too get off my 3 day ban i agree with that & i think it's fair for what i have done too the ZM comunity.






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I love how when M@tt tries to make a perfectly serious thread it turns into a joke =P




Sol =)


Sexyness is Serious Business


I should know, im the CEO of Sexy Incorperated

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