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How would you rate us. Be honest please!  

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  1. 1. How would you rate us. Be honest please!

    • 5 - Perfect Community, on the correct path (no changes needed)
    • 4 - Doing good but could find something to improve (small changes)
    • 3 - Average Community with some strong and weak points (needs large changes)
    • 2 - OK but heading in wrong drection (Need massive improvements)
    • 1 - Might as well give up and close shop (Most everything needs to change)

How would you rate "us"

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This is just a simple poll to see what you think about us and find out if we are on the right track with things. Give us a point value for how well we are doing and if you feel we are failing horribly in any area please post what we need to do to fix that.

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If i were to vote ZM on a rate of 1-10 I would give ZM an 8.5 or a 9. Only reason i would not give it a 10 is due to the fact we can always get better.


Also there has to be a reason why we can't get more of the Reg's in the server to the site. Is it due to it just looking like a forum? Or do we not offer enough at the site to get people to the site.


Maybe we some how offer stats on the site for each server(The Zombie servers). I hear all the time in the server about people and their stats. And if we already have them here then you can slay me later. :)


But i would say maybe a more in depth site, and stats so people can show off.


Thats all i got right now.

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the zombie part is perfect but we need changes ,people on the regular classic part


I'm with Edo on this..


I'm not sure what changes would fix the current slumps in player counts etc. on the CSS & GG servers.. but would be willing to help in any way I can.

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I really like the community, I would rate the composition and friendliness of the community like, a 9. However, the fact that we have a lot of empty servers (TF2, Tag, CSS most of the time, etc.) leads me to think we need a little bit more coordination on getting more people to play our servers. I just hate it to log on during normal hours and see half our servers in my favorites list not anywhere near capacity or empty.

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lol who voted the "Might as well give up and close shop" option?



Anyways I think that the community is well organized and friendly


I like to think that nothing is perfect because theres always room for improvement.

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