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Vista Dead?

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I found out today that there is already going to be a new version of Windows. And it might be out next year. WHAT Vista just came out. Already jumping ship MS?


But they did this to Windows ME too.


Here are some screen shots. http://techtoday.110mb.com/2007/12/16/windows-7-screenshots-are-they-true/



Sorry if this is old new. I just found out about it.

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Are you fricking serious? I just fucking upgraded to a vista comp. WTF, I got fucked by ME and now my ass is going to hurt with vista. You know the sad part, I still have 2 XP prof and home versions.


I'd LOL. but my heart is hurting.


I hope its fake and that they just Tool up vista and fix that shit.

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Bad thing red is that they are stopping security updates for xp in june.


Where did you get that info.. The MS rep assigned to our corp account stated that it will be supported until the end of 2009.


The only thing that will change end of June is that OEM system builders such as Dell can no longer offer pre-installed XP.

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for sure they will push something else ill be with xp to the end :)


vista its just begining so im sure they will put better OS ,xp will be what W98 is today in couple years

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