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Check out my car!

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Several months ago me and my parents (specifically my mother) entered a feud of what vehicle to get. I originally liked the look of a 62' Comet I found, and later found this car from my dad's coworker. She of course vetoed since it has only a lap seat belt and no air bag. So I countered saying fine, I'll get a motorcycle with my own money (not to sound like a bitch but I could afford it.)

So here we are and she shows me an email from my dad and she asks do you want it?






1973 Ford Maverick

White original paint

Original intact (and clean) vinyl seats.

6 cylinder inline, either 200 hp or 256 hp. Automatic.





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20-25 on a 6 cyl engine??? I have 3.8L V6 and get about 16 city and 20 highway mpg


I have a 8 Cyl 315hp and get over 24 Highway. (Variable valve timing ftw)

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