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If you live in the US, then the card will definitely work, unless the donations are no longer rung up under Haggard's name. He lives in Chicago, I believe, and some debit cards only function for domestic transactions. If it goes to Garf, who's in England, make sure you get a card that can transfer internationally.


Believe me, i've gone through the whole fiasco when trying to get Minecraft from the Swedish merchant.

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Donate $20 to start with your first time. And im gunna take a guess and say your from the US. Just transfer the money from card to paypal, then to SG Funds. Simple and Quick.

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Ok, I'll do $25, I live in the US, and I did do a transaction for minecraft as well. Hopefully I'll get the donation in for the October Breast Cancer thing... My mom and grandmother had it. Alhough only my mom survived :) for my mom :( for my grandmother.

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