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Stop Virgin or say goodbye to the Internet.

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I used to be with VirginMedia... there internet wasn't bad, but in the end it kept going down for a day here and there so I left.


Now I'm considering returning to them because they offer up to 20Mb fibre optic connection... for £29 for 6 months then £37 there after.


But the link above... well it's a bit wack... I would have thought the whole idea of buying a faster connection was the idea so you could get the information quicker... now they want to charge a premium rate on top of you connection fee?

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tbh i think virgin are crap, i was once with them and my friend is with them and his internet is rly slow.


are we still talking about the virgin company or are you stepping into your personal experiences ?



jk ^^


tbh if it happens ill go back to tv =(((((((((

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*dons a tin-foil hat and sits with coat-hangers hanging from him*


Yes! The overlord masters are trying to rule the world!


xD You think I'm paranoid huh. But think about it. The internet right now basically belongs to everyone. If companies like Virgin implement what they're trying to do, they're gonna have some control of what websites can be accessed. It's like turning the internet into a tv format. If you want certain websites you're gonna have to pay extra.

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Yeah, see, here's the thing...I don't really care. You may call me ignorant, hippie, whatever. But I don't. Virgin is simply a corporation. It has brands of telephone services, internet services, mobile phone services, it has a franchise in passenger aircraft. It doesn't mean they therefore own ALL of the competition.


If you have your internet supplied by Virgin it doesn't mean someday they can turn around and cut you off, or apply filters. It's like saying that now Google own YouTube they'll just turn it off.


Corporations are set out to make money, and I have no idea how doing that will make them any, because if that was the case, people would just switch. It would, if anything, help the competition.


Point of fact.. when service or support start to go downhill.. (such as in this case of limiting access) the consumers run to the nearest competition. If Virgin goes forward with this type of business model it will only hurt them and the would most likely backtrack quickly due to consumer response. It just doesn't make sense.. in order for something like this to work all ISP's would have to do the same thing at the same time.. which just won't happen.

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. The internet right now basically belongs to everyone. I.


Actually no it doesnt, it belongs to those that provide it. There has been a great deal of neutrality on part of the congress as to who "owns the internetz" aside from Al Gore, this is why the taxes have been state based and consistently low on access. (i pay about 2.50 USD a month in state and local taxes for my 100 MBPS cable.)



competition tends to drive prices down, unless monopoly conditions exist, and the FTC dont take too kindly to that, just ask ATT, which the FTC forcibly broke up in the 1990s over this sort of issue.


Also, internet providers are largely based on territory, there are medium and giant providers... medium, like RCN (my net provider) is midatlantic area, in FL there was adelphia, and then there is UBERgiant Comcast, Clear channel, etc.


They compete with each other on price, quality of service, and amenities to get their customers, if one sucks bad, people jump ship rather quickly.


In remote areas however, shitty, bad service small time internet providers still exist, (rector arkansas,) and people there are basically stuck with it, unless they want to pony up for a satellite, which not everyone is willing to do.


You have to consider the fact that not everyone is trying to play on breakfloor, or game for that matter.... my Gf's grandma has dial up in Missouri for like 5 bucks a month, the service is awful... but its what is available for low price and low speed people. Comcast IS there, and they ARE an alternate, but for no less than 30-60 a month minimum.


As long as there is a market for people that want "access" piecemeal, and that is it, little shitty ISP's will exist.


Also, many sites are still shit slow to load even with a GOOD connection. This is the result of crappy web page writing,


(goes back to hiding behind the coathangers with tin foil body suit and helmet under lead radiation jacket to eat mescaline)



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