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Using the Board of Directors system for SteamGamers is an obviously good tactic, but I think it should rather be a Board of Managers, because of my opinion that having managers for a community sounds more fitting than having directors. This is just an idea pitched out of my mind, mind you, so my flame suit is equipped.


If it were a board of managers, it would be ranked more-so like this:


General Manager - Garfield

Senior Manager or Vice General Manager - Jager

Managers - Paul, Astrum, Spartan, TheBanHammer


So the ranks would be like this (in ventrilo):


[GM] or [GMgr] GarfieldH

[sMgr], [sM] or [VGMgr] Jager

[M] or [Mgr] Paul/Spartan/Astrum/TheBanHammer

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There's no point in changing the name of something, not to mention you're extending the tags, also creating more ranks, and over specifying things when we're trying to go for a more general state, such as just having 'Admin, Supporter, regular' rather than 15 different ranks for every specific thing.


Least that's my understanding of the direction we're trying to head.

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