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Mechanical Keyboard

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Im considering purchasing a mechanical keyboard as I heard they're amazing.

I will be gaming 90% of the time and typing the other 10%. I cant decide on getting either a Cherry MX Blue board or Cherry MX Brown.

Most likely ill preorder the Razer BlackWidow.

Any opinions? What is it like gaming w/ a mech board?

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I use a Filco 104-blank keys with Cherry Blues, mechanical keyboards are a good investment if you can use them properly. I type maybe 10 pages worth of text everyday, and the keyboard still feels new after 4+ months of usage. There's a definite feel for mechanical keyboards vs rubber domes, but both will do the job of typing.


Don't forget that there are multiple kinds of mechanical switches. Most mechanical keyboards will use either the Cherry Blues or Browns. The Cherry Blacks are recommend for gamers.


As for gaming, since my forte is in FPS, I don't see much of a difference between mechanical and rubber domes (but then again I've never had the need to use anything other than a stock $15 wired optical mouse). I've dabbled in RTS and been friends with a few people who were really good at them and had high APM (actions per minute, similar to WPM) and that's the only place where I could see a definite advantage.


If you want more info, here's a good long page about it:


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