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NFL Week 11

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My Picks


Dolphins over Bears - Tyler Thigpen is a fresh start, Dolphins D will be ready for the Bears Offensive mistakes

Bills over Bengals - Yes, the Bills can win two in a row and this one away from home, Bengals are too shaky

Cowboys over Lions - Lions scored 12 points against the Bills defense and the Cowboys have something to prove at home

Titans over Redskins - VY is back against this demoralized, paper thin defense; look for a Randy Moss TD or two

Chiefs over Cards - The Chiefs D got ripped in half last week, but the Cards offense isn't half as good as those Broncos

Packers over Vikings - Packers have underachieved so far this year, it's gets better from here after their bye

Jets over Texans - Texans have an elite QB, elite WR and a young elite RB, yet they still lose nearly every week with that D

Steelers over Raiders - I like this one as a possible upset but I think the Steelers get it done at home after losing big to NE

Ravens over Panthers - ...and with the first pick in the 2011 draft, the Carolina Panthers take...

Jags over Browns - Browns have to be exhausted after the last two weeks and the Jags somehow get it done at home

49ers over Bucs - 49ers started 0-5 and they have a chance to take their division, I see it coming

Saints over Seahawks - If Reggae Bush really comes back this week, you will see how much he means to this offense

Falcons over Rams - Rams started the season off well but they are tailing off a little now, the Falcons aren't

Pats over Colts - Home field advantage means something here, Colts injury prone teams won't help them either

Eagles over Giants - Last week - Monday Night Michael Vick Show, this week - Sunday Night Michael Vick Show

Broncos over Chargers - There will be plenty of passing in this game, however, I think a healthy Knowshon Moreno will be the difference with Antonio Gates probably sitting for the Chargers...If Gates plays though, I'd probably go with the Chargers

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