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  1. Hey dude. How are you!???

  2. Sucks man he was my fav streamer, watched him so much through the years. Here's a clip of his where he gave me VIP in his chat, glad I got to make him laugh once... RIP Byron
  3. I voted for the NDP and agree with their position.
  4. Eskomo

    Destiny 2

    this game is fucking TRASH
  5. What a shame all of these riots could have been avoided if the police would just stop murdering people. As Martin Luther King said... Riots/violence played a large role in the civil rights movements, not sure why people are acting like it was some sort of peaceful movement. A lot of the people saying they should be peacefully protesting are the same people who complained about Colin Kaepernick just kneeling on a football field, seems like something else may be going on here.
  6. Available for free on the Epic Games store. A lot of people probably already own it but eh, hope this helps a few of you
  7. where i play runescape 17 hours a day
  8. Eskomo


    hey man if you give me some rs gold I'll add you
  9. good luck brother, i will continue to eat my chicken tendies and ketchup tho