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This is random but if I apply for admin when im 14. (July 24th) I hope you consider me. I see you have recruited a lot of kids and i hope u dont stop right before me. Im not sayin ishall be the last one but like dont give up on me because u think too many kids are getting into the act. We are really nice and mature people.:thumbup:

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I don't quite understand this, why 14? Surely if it's to prove maturity you wouldn't put a limit to an age...


Sorry, just thinking out loud. I got admin the same day I registered on the forums, and that was nearly a month before my fourteenth. Anyway, I think I've seen/heard you on Vent, not quite sure. Either way, I'm gonna quote DN here:


"If you truly aren't Kira, then you have nothing to fear, and it will be proven."



Havok when you start quoteing DN bad things will happen.

Oh and age really dosent matter as long as u are meture.

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I don't think its the age,but the maturity as many people have said theyve had problems with you in the past so even if you were 16+ you may not get it.

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Don't beg otherwise admins will hate you Because then they kno u badly want it and it seems you've never had Admin before! :S


For Begging Never!





-SopMod Add me Rs_brad ill listen to Wateva u want



Be The Best!

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