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Whats with all the hate!

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I dont know why but over the last month or so the overall feel of this community has gone all nasty and its making me sad :(. I may be the only one feeling this way but id like to know peoples oppinions and weither collectively we can do something about it. This is in no way an attack on anyone so please do not say it is. If i have done something to add to this i would like to take the time to appologise. This is niether a dig at Haggard or the AOs or BDs this community impecibly and is very succesful. I just think we all need to drop our grudges and mabye relax a little and appriciate wat we have created here not try and destroy it.


Some of u may not think this is like me but im getting tired of all this bitching


Thanks for all of ur time and i would love to know any1s oppinion on this topic


Thanks again


Your loyal fuctionally retarded friend



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Im confused, I think with the new admins ( I came in round the time Henda stopped posting very frequently) the forums seem to be slightly more user friendly. What exactly do you see as a problem?


Are you referring to anything in particular?

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Not at all.

Its not jsut the forums its like how all iv heard is "so and so has done this" "this dude is such a big" why do people want to hate over a god damn game.


Spread the love brother :)

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I think it's just that Henda isn't here anymore.


When he was here, his evilness made everyone else's seem paltry by comparison.


Now that he's gone, we're left with just general evil, with no greater evil to dampen it.

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