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It ruins peoples lives because people get very addicted. I basically threw away life from 2002-04 playing it. It's the anti-Christ.

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Idk it's ok i play it some.


Level 116


Name: Drewtiger1



Fire cape

Ect. good stuff

22mil cash haven't played in like a week thou its an ok game

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I use to play it back in CLASSIC, but quit like a year and a half ago due to the fact they been making updates 1 by 1 ruining RS.


In nutshell, it was fun back in the classic/beginning of RS 2, but now it's just ridiculous :thumbdown:.

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I used to play way back near the time it started, quit about 3 years ago, it isn't good anymore plus I got bored of rpgs, no real fun in training stats eh?


Level 126 :-)

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