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Good or bad?

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Ive readed so many computer threads so i wanted to ask.:d

Good or bad.


Cpu: Intel pentium4 2.80GHz.

Graphcard: Radeon 9200.

mem: 1024

And i dont remember motherboard. :(

So what i should do, Buy new or buy some stuff?

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  • Content Count:  427
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I knew i forgot sumthing.:(

Its agp.

And i have to decide New computer or Moped (Thats what my dictiony book told) So i think i will buy used moped/or is it motorbike? and but money what i safed for computer.

I have now 100€. at summer i will get 100£ or 200£ + what i get from my summer job.

Now i go play FEAR with my friend.

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