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To those looking for basic cheap slots? Forget these guys!




They are useless and will not, can not even fix basic FTP access. I had rented one from them to review their service. Glad I did because what I found out is they will NOT or are incapable of rectifying basic remote access issues with their own boxes. The rental was defunct from the first time I logged in.

You cannot actually modify, add or delete files without consistent "file failures" on you FTP client and I use several on a regular basis.


Their so called support is manned by smart ass kids that obviously have no business behind a keyboard let alone fielding support emails.


It's not that I wasted a paltry 20 bucks on these idiots, it's the fact that they are apparently stealing funds from newcomers with not a care in the world, and will laugh about it.




Nuclear Fallout Enterprises

18677 Santa Irene

Fountain Valley, California 92708

Administrative Contact:

Otjen, Thomas edge100x@nuclearfallout.net

Nuclear Fallout Enterprises

18677 Santa Irene

Fountain Valley, California 92708

United States


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come on you guys.

He is just warning that if we rent a server there. Its nothing else but a bunch of crappy guys trying to earn bucks with servers where they have not the brains for.


so in short notice dont rent your server there or you will have regreds of it.

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